20th June 2019

Patient advisory boards in rare diseases: 5 considerations for clinical development

What insights can patients provide? Thanks to technological advances, the ways in which patients are interacting with healthcare organizations are changing. Patients have access to more […]
17th January 2018

Grit – a new measure of success

For years we have been measuring and comparing individual’s intelligence quotient (IQ) to assess how smart they are. We have assumed that the higher this is, […]
13th June 2016

The psychological perspective on the role of personalised medicine

When George Orwell, writing in the 40s, looked ahead to 1984 in his dystopian novel, many of his predictions focused on the ‘behaviour modification’ of his […]
9th June 2016
Therapies in Musculoskeletal Disease

Advancing Regenerative Therapies in Musculoskeletal Disease

August 23, 2014, 2:00pm This panel brought together speakers from the morning sessions to consider the possibility of applying a drug trial design similar to the […]